Cornwall CA02

  • Vancouver
  • British Columbia
  • 2006

A speculative development prominently located opposite Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver, this multi-family building contains four residential units. Each unit occupies an entire floor. The long, narrow mid-block site has a north-orientated view towards the water and Stanley Park peninsula and is overlooked by adjacent properties to the east and west. Consequently, the planning and massing of this project was highly sensitive to its neighbours – existing apartment buildings with heritage character.

The new building has been planned around a series of staggered north-south concrete walls, so as to articulate interior and exterior spaces while maintaining privacy for the new residents and their neighbours. The resultant exterior spaces between the new and adjacent structures form a series of landscaped courts that serve as an amenity for the inhabitants of the new and existing buildings.

This strategy also influences the internal planning of the units, where floors, walls, and ceilings have been built in concrete. These hard elements have been combined with black walnut cabinetry. Subtle lateral shifts and level changes disguise the spatial boundaries of the dwellings, while the open ends of the building—in-filled with glazing, perforated metal panels, and red cedar siding—admit light and reveal views.